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December 2012 Newsletter

December 2012 Newsletter

Merry Christmas! I pray this season is full of joy and peace, which can only come from the Prince of Peace Himself! January 6th marks my 3rd year, living in Uganda. I am daily amazed how Holy Spirit orchestrates our lives if we are willing to let Him lead us. Below I have briefly listed key highlighted of the past months.

I continue to work with Dr. Cliff and ATK (Advancing the Kingdom Ministries) when he is in the states, which is August to October, and January to April. I have been traveling weekly to Jinja to help with the administration and usually the 1st weekend of each month I go to the village in Nawensaga and Nakivumbi. I also go to the village on the 3rd weekend as my schedule permits.

On May 8, 2012 I traveled to the USA and I participated in the graduation ceremony at Faith Bible College, Independence Mo. and received my Doctorate in Biblical Studies, even though I participated in the graduation last October in Jinja from ATK Faith Bible College extension. Recently Dr. Cliff asked me to be the Director of ATK Faith Bible College. I have agreed and I will begin in January 2013 as we plan the budget and prepare for registration. However, as my schedule will permit, I will continue to speak at conferences, teach and preach throughout Uganda as the Holy Spirit leads me. It is possible that I may move to Jinja sometime the middle of 2013.

The youth mission camp the week of May 1st with Pastor Samuel in Soroti was a great success, despite many challenges. There were over 70 teenagers and young adults. I spoke on the Fathers heart and His intentional love for each of us. Holy Spirit showed up, many were deeply touched and received much needed inner healing. Pastor Samuel and the team have asked me to join them again the first week of May 2013, which I am delighted to do.

Besides returning tothe USA each year to raise much needed support, I also spend time with my daughters and grandchildren. My eldest daughter, DiAnne came to my graduation and then I traveled back to Tulsa and stayed with her for 2 weeks. We had a great time and during that time her boyfriend asked for my blessing to marry DiAnne. The wedding is set for March 23, 2013 and I will be traveling back to the states on March 3rd to attend her wedding. It was also great spend time with my daughter Michele and her family, especially my grandchildren Ryleigh and Van. I traveled back to Tulsa the end of June to attend DiAnne’s Residency Program graduation. She is not only Dr. DiAnne Watson, D.O., but she was ordained as a minister as well and I am very proud of her.

I preached at a few churches to raise support and share what that the Lord is doing through me in Uganda. I was also ordained on July 15 by my Apostle Don Lyon, Senor Pastor at Faith Center in Rockford, IL.

I returned to Uganda July 24, and to my surprise my discipleship group, led by Godfrey Mawa, founder of Commission International, and Monica, held a surprise birthday party for me, on August 1.

During August thru October, I spent a lot of my time in Jinja and the village with ATK Ministries while Dr. Cliff was in the USA.

Uganda’s Jubilee Celebrating 50 years was held in Kampala on October 9. Many leaders throughout Africa and other nations attended and there were many prayer meetings held throughout the nation on the night of October 8. All TV stations were broadcasting the history of Uganda. Solemn Assemblies were held in many districts on September 29 prior to the Jubilee. I spoke on the Shedding of Innocent Blood, at the Solemn Assembly held in Gulu, Northern Uganda. Will Shehee from the US, living in Gulu organized the meeting and our friend Brad Ames, who I met at IHOP in 2009, came to Uganda and spoke on the Father’s heart and the Glory of God.

At the end of October, I co-hosted Robbie Coleman from Christian Friends of Israel. He spent 5 days speaking in Kampala and Jinja on the need to pray and contribute financially to Israel.

My Ugandan visa expired on Dec 5, so I traveled to Bukunu, Kenya with Margaret and staff from ATK to her family home, in the village where few, if any whites travel. We attended her brothers wedding and ministered in the area, sharing the good news!

On Dec 8th I traveled to Kisumu, Kenya to visit an evangelist friend, Claudette. I will be spending the month in Kisumu preaching. This past Sunday I was in Lunga village, preaching outside under a tree. January 4th will be the 1-year anniversary of the church plant, Prayers of Faith in Jesus Christ Ministries. Land has been donated and the process of putting up a semi-permanent structure has begun. Pictures attached. The cost of this structure is estimated at $3000.

I have also been invited to attend a very big Revival and Healing Conference held by the Kenyan Prophet, Dr. Owuor, here in Kisumu, Dec 29-Jan 1. 49 countries have been confirmed to attend and I will be representing the USA of course.

When I return to Uganda in January, I will be participating and speaking at Victory City Church Ntinda’s youth Passion Camp, held from January 2 to the 5th. The theme this year is ‘Courageous’ – John 16:33.

I have also been invited to be the main speaker at a Revival Conference in Western Uganda, Feb 17 – 24. When I return to Uganda I will be organizing a small team and we will travel by bus. The trip will cost about $250.

I very much appreciate your much needed prayers and financial support to continue the work of the Lord. Please see below my prayer points. Thank you so much for standing with me.

Much Shalom, Dr. Jo Anna Watson

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