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January 2012 Newsletter

Dear Family and Friends,

Can you imagine here we are in January 2012! What happened to 2011?!! I pray this new year of 2012 will bring to you, much love, joy and peach in our Lord Jesus Christ and that He will prosper you and bring you divine health even as your soul prospers. Yes, I am still in Uganda and 2012 marks the tenth consecutive year of my ministering in Uganda.

2011 has been a very busy year full of surprises both good and bad that have challenged me to know God not only, as Paul says in Philippines in the power of His resurrection but also in the fellowship of His sufferings. God graciously brings problems our way that give us great opportunities to walk with Him in deeper levels of trust, confidence and humility, with complete dependence on Him for the answer and the solution. I have found in my journey with God that if we have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying, we will find the answers right next to the ‘problem.’ I cannot help but continually give thanks for God’s everlasting loving kindness and His complete forgiveness that He has shown me even in my weakness. My confidence is in His faithfulness to never leave me where He found me, but to continue doing a work in me to bring me to full maturity in the fullness of Jesus Christ. To God be the Gory!

God’s grace is sufficient as we daily die to our self so that we can live to show others His great love as Paul says in 2 Corinthians 4. Receiving God’s love, giving back to Him and then giving His love away to others IS THE WILL of the Father for our lives. As I serve Him in the land of Uganda, God continues to show me how to love others as He loves them. This year God has shown me the power of love and forgiveness at the deepest level. As we learn to abound in more love, walking in total forgiveness and sincerity and taking no offense with others, the more they will see God’s love in us and be able to receive His love for them. (Phil 1:9-11)

The more others see our unconditional love and continual forgiveness, the more they can see the forgiveness given to them through the cross of Jesus Christ. I am reminded of the woman who poured the box of perfume on Jesus feet and washed them with her tears. Jesus gave the example of 2 debts that were forgiven, one small and one large. Then He said the one who has been forgiven much, loves much.

We can only love much when we are mindful of the debt and overpayment that Jesus has made for us. God is continually saying to me ‘just love the one I have given you to love.” God brings people into our lives to sharpen us as well as to show them His love. We all have a free will and the choice is ours as to how we handle these ‘opportunities.” I have seen as I (we) stay in love and stay close to the heart of God, Holy Spirit will do the rest. Love always wins! One constant in our lives is God’s amazing ability to love so well. Never loose sight of His amazing love.

I had a wonderful time with my daughters and granddaughter Ryleigh and my new grandson Van during my short visit to the States. I was also blessed to spend some time at IHOP, International House of Prayer. My granddaughter recently to her mom that she missed me, and that I lived in Africa with the gorillas. Maybe one day she will come visit me here in Uganda.

Much of 2011 was devoted to completing my doctorate in Theology through an extension Bible College from the USA, located in Jinja, Uganda. Thanks be to God, in October I received my Doctorate in Pastoral Theology along with 3 other Ugandans. I am looking to publish my manuscript and am in the process of looking for a good editor. Your prayers for this project are very much welcomed.
The Discipleship group continues to meet and has become so dear to my heart. Our group has grown to almost 20 people.

As I minister throughout Uganda, it is my prayer that the hearts of the people will be so touched with God’s great love for them that the fire of revival will be ignited within and spread throughout this land. Plans are being made to continue to ‘go’ out even to the remote villages bringing the love and fragrance of Christ to the lost and igniting the fires of revival throughout this land in 2012.

As an intercessory missionary and a priest unto the Lord, I continue to spend much time in the Lord’s presence, seeking His direction and heart for this land of Uganda and for Israel and of course the US. I believe 2012, as do others, is critical year for all three nations. As we move forward in 2012, things as we know are going to change and we must be ready. Now more than ever, we must be so rooted and grounded in the love and faithfulness of God if we expect to STAND strong. Now that my doctorate is finished I will have more time to pray and fast during 2012, seeking God, to KNOW Him more!

I will be speaking at a youth conference in mid January and at the end of the month, I will be speaking at a monthly repentance meeting conducted by the ministry Repent Uganda. There is a group of us committed to bring the message of repentance and the need to return to ‘First Love’ to every major city in Uganda, as well as to the villages. Of course an increase of finances are needed to take this message to all parts of Uganda.

Donations: Write ATK Ministries on your check and insert in the envelope with a slip of paper designating the funds go to Jo Anna Watson of TouchingHearts Int. Ministries. Thank you and May God Bless you. Advancing The Kingdom, P.O. Box 3321 Lawrence, KS 66046

Thank you so much for your continued support, both financially and through prayer.
Love and Shalom, Jo Anna, An Ambassador of love for Christ to the Nations!

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