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June 2013 Newsletter

Dear Family and Friends

Greetings everyone! So much has taken place this year, as I will briefly highlight below. The greatest event this year was my daughters wedding on March 23rd. I flew to the states the end of February to be with my daughter and attend her wedding. What a beautiful bride and happy groom.

While in the states I shared about my mission in Uganda and was blessed to preach at few churches and visited with my daughter Michele and her family and some dear friends before returning to Uganda Sunday April 7. Since on the ground here in Uganda I have been preaching and teaching every weekend and at least twice I was able to teach on Jesus our Passover Lamb.

On May 3 I joined Pastor Samuel on his annual youth camp mission trip in the village in Seere, near Soroti, North Eastern Uganda about 6 hours from Kampala. There were about 30 of us, to include leaders and youth from 15 to mid-twenties. I taught each day on restoration through the beatitudes. We spent the two afternoons ministering to the children and the youth within the community. I preached during a couple of the evenings and Sunday meetings. It was a long 12 days, buy the Holy Spirit showed up as expected and did a great work in the lives of all who attended both in the youth camp and in the community. In February Pastor Sam began a church and primary school in the village on his property.  I will be working more closely with him and his ministry. We are planning a crusade in the community the first of August.

I continue to work with Dr. Cliff and ATK (Advancing the Kingdom Ministries) and joined him in the village the week of June 4th through 13th with his mission team from the US. I taught at the Bible College the 2 Wednesday’s that I was there and preach on Sunday June 9th in the first service at Nakavumbi. I prayed for a woman who was in much back and side paid and was having a difficult time standing. She was healed and began dancing and shared her testimony. She is the one dancing in the orange dress.

As part of Christian Friends of Israel Uganda I was blessed to open with prayer for the annual Israel Independence celebration dinner held on May 26, this year and continue to spend time in prayer and intercession for Israel as well as Uganda and the US, joining with other intercessors in Uganda.

I will be traveling to Kenya, conducting 3 different conferences the last 2 weeks of July with Pastor Israel whom I have known since 2008.

Prayer Makes a Difference

1)      I am still in need of a car.  2 different sellers have approached me. One is a Honda CRV and the other is a Toyota seating 8 passengers. The asking price for either car is $3,500. I have attached a picture of the Toyota below.

2)      My 2 camping chairs (the only furniture in my sitting room) are falling apart, rather than getting those replaced I think it’s about time to get a small couch, chair, rocker and desk. When expatriates return to their country they sell their furniture.  I believe God will provide. I just got a call on a desk which I will check out this week.

3)      For continued safety as I travel.  Last month my wallet was misplaced or stolen and in it was my drivers license, debit card and credit card plus $50 in Ugandan shillings. My debit card and credit card have been replaced and brought to me via US mission team to ATK.  My drivers license must be picked by me in person therefore I will have to return to the states.

4)      Pastor Samuels church in Kati village needs timbers, nails, cement. He has the metal roofing, I have donated about $50. Total cost is about $300.00. If you feel led to contribute to this please email me. All donations for this project will be given for the building of the church. 

5)      Additional monthly support to preach the Gospel as the Lord directs. While in Africa, all incurred in preaching and teaching come out of my pocket, except for meals. I can only go as I have the funds to go.


Giving Through MEI (Missions Enablers International)

Thank you to those of you who have continued to partner with me over the years and for those who have decided to partner this year.  I would ask, if you aren’t partnering already would you please pray about partnering with me as I endeavor to fulfill the assignment the Lord has given to me.


As of February I joined with Mission Enablers International in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  If you would like to know more about this organization you can go to their website at  Giving can be now done online by going to give to MEIbottom right hand side and include my account number 3145.  MEI is a 501c3 non-profit organization that will offer a tax deduction for your donations.  MEI will forward all contributions to me weekly and you will receive a tax receipt of your giving at the end of the year. You can send your donations through the MEI website or by sending checks made payable to MEI, including my account number 3145 and sending to: MEI, Acct #3145, P.O. Box 1311, Fayetteville, AR 727


Much love and Shalom, Jo




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