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March 2012 Newsletter

Dear Family and Friends,

The last couple of months have flown by to say the least. Time seems to be moving at an unprecedented pace or I am just getting older.  The truth is I am enjoying what God has called me to do and with that ‘time’ seems to just fly by.

I am preparing my annual trip to the US, leaving Uganda in May.  However, before I leave there is much to do.  First, let me update you on what has been happening.  I have continued to assist Dr. Cliff and his ministry Advancing the Kingdom while he has been in the states.   Since the first of February, weekly I have been traveling to Jinja in an administrative capacity as well as going to the village twice a month, leading, preaching, teaching and assisting with problems that arise until Dr. Cliff returns to Uganda the end of this month.  I have also been teaching at ATK Faith Bible College each week.

I have planned to partner with Evangelist Godfrey Mawa of Commission International Ministries to hold monthly meetings at the Universities surrounding Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, culminating in a much larger event at Makerere University in September or October of this year.    We believe it is vital to seriously penetrate the Universities, especially Makarere University, with a population of 50,000 students, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  As Paul says “I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the POWER of God for salvation! (Rom 1:16-71).  These students are the next leaders of this nation and time is of the essence.  We are planning our first day conference to be held on Saturday, May 12, just before I leave for the states.  We have a platform, a great PA system, a generator and other resources, however finances are still needed for the rental of the venue and advertizing.   If you would like to make any size donation for this cause, it would be greatly appreciated and very helpful towards our mission.  Please see below regarding donations. I thank you in advance for your support.

The Ntinda Victory City youth conference in January was a great success.  I felt the Lord wanted me to stay for the entire four-day conference, which I did.  Each day I spoke, teaching on the Father’s heart as well as the spirit of Sonship verses the Orphan spirit.  The Holy Spirit knew what was needed and my being there gave amble opportunity to meet one on one with the youth.

I will again be participating in all day monthly repentance meeting held by the ministry Repent Uganda on March 31st in Kampala.  Then I travel to Gulu in Northern Uganda to speak at the annual conference hosted by Intercessors for Northern Uganda held April 1 – 8. The theme this year is “Behold, I Give You Authority” Luke 10:19.  The meeting will gather people from Uganda, East Africa and other nations in Africa.

Our discipleship group will meet one last time before I leave for the United States on Tuesday April 10th and I continue to participate in weekly prayer meetings as we stand in the gap for Uganda in preparation for her 50 year of independence on October 9, 2012.

I will be joining the mission team led by Pastor Samuel and his wife Drusilla, April 29 to May 4 at their 6th Annual Youth Gospel and Medical Outreach in Serere, Eastern Uganda.  I will be speaking on the Fathers heart during a two-day Father’s Heart Seminar.  During the week we will be doing home evangelism, an open-air gospel outreach in Serere Town, Two-day Prayer conference, prison outreach and Medical Camp at Serere Health Center.

Donations: Write ATK Ministries on your check and insert in the envelope with a slip of paper designating the funds go to Jo Anna Watson of TouchingHearts Int. Ministries.  Thank you and May God Bless you.  Advancing The Kingdom, P.O. Box 3321 Lawrence, KS 66046 Thank you so much for your continued support, both financially and prayerfully.

Love and Shalom, Jo Anna, An Ambassador of love for Christ to the Nations!


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